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My dad skateboarding at Hyde school 1982. I think he was cooler than me. [x]
Since when did you and I become an “us?” 9 word love story - Elizabeth Hsieh

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my favourite snap frm my new blogpost on the

I’ve seen 400 billion stars suddenly hurled
into nothingness and being
along with the galaxies speckled with
constellations spelling out the way your eyes
burn third degree gashes in the whites of mine.

Screw the broken, cynical tragedies
of yesterday’s heartache because
I am reborn, like those stars
when we fly across the newly poured pavement
at the speed of light
seeking to find a sort of weightless freedom
we never found at home.

I want to paint the sparkling, radiant skies with versions
of modern art
that only we understand.
I want to experience the breath of certain eternities
in my lungs
and forever spiral forward into tomorrow’s infinity
within the confines of 24 hours.

Dance with me,
lets face the tempest of yesterday’s spoil
I’ll never reminisce on a time I felt alive
because right now
with you,
I am.

Running Away From Our Problems Sure Feels Like A Solution - Elizabeth Hsieh

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Show some effort



I hate how people have such low standards about dates these days. Netflix and cuddling the perfect date? Really? Go out to dinner to a nice restaurant, take extra time to dress up for your date. Try to impress each other. Go stargaze on a pier, bike through a cute town, I don’t know do something besides lay around! Love yourself, and take pride in your appearance. Life is too short to live and date like a slug.

Praise this post for existing 

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The next time a guy complains about being friendzoned, send him this picture.

*coughs aggressively*
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The worlds largest unicellular organism
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stomping on an Amoeba in my vintage boots from the Pomona Art Walk